Comic 13 - Steven Ulysses Perhero

4th Feb 2011, 9:15 PM
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Steven Ulysses Perhero
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Author Notes:

4th Feb 2011, 9:15 PM
For full humor value, it is highly recommended that you brush up on mythology (particularly Greek), general storytelling cliches, and TVTropes. :P
Sad thing is, this actually is a real idea I had. I got the Twelve Olympians (plus Hades and Persephone), and then for overkill, got every single Titan as well.
In case you had doubt, the Greek Gods mentioned are Zeus and Hera (though I created scrambled versions of each Olympian [plus Hades], minus longer ones like Poseidon. I also got their Roman names for additional overkill), and the Lancer mentioned is Hades. A more appropriate Lancer would probably be Poseidon (what, with that huge Trident and all... :P) but I didn't feel like scrambling his name, whereas Shade was a nice and quick one for Hades.
Ra's name backwards would be "Ar", which can be either changed in pronunciation, or shortened to "R", or elongated into Pirate. :P
This comic was pretty lazy on my part; I didn't move either Left or Right. (Those are the nicknames I've given 'em. Y'know, 'cause one's always on the right, and the other, on the left. :P) I did alter their hands, though, so it wasn't a completely lazy job from me.

And, yes, this is the comic that Comic # 6 was referring to. Hilarious if you're at all familiar what the concepts I'm playing with, too vague and completely humorless if you don't.